5 Unusual things at the 2017 Lagos City Marathon

Lagos state another successful City marathon which saw last year's winner Abraham Kiptum emerge the winner in the 2017 edition of the 42km race.
Which many knew the route and winners, there are little details on the race that was left out of the public eye. Here they are;

1. There was no Nigerian time
The race started at 6.55am unlike last year which started very late. Nigerian's are always notoriously late for what ever event they want to go for but this did not happen at the marathon, early blockage of roads before 5:30 am which set in confusion among Lagosian.
5 abnormal things at the 2017 Lagos City Marathon

2. No one knows who kicked off the race
Unlike last year when the race was kicked off by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, the 2017 edition was kicked off by no one. Athletes started running and the race kicked off. Many including security operatives were confused as to how the race started.

3. The arrangements at Eko Atlantic City was horrible
For those who were unable to attend the race or get to Eko Atlantic City where the race ended, he arrangements at the finishing points were horrible. Journalists were unable to get pictures and images of the winners from the front, rather views from the side had to be managed.
Also, there was a designated VIP area which was just in front of the finishing line then a stage where entertainers were supposed to perform which was to the left of the stage. Some how last year's arrangement was better.

4. A seven year old participated
This is one which made the rounds on social media. For those unsure, Damilola Oluwaseyo told Naij.com Sports that she started the race from Lekki and not Surulere like many claimed.

5 abnormal things at the 2017 Lagos City Marathon

Also she ran less than 10km which was rumoured and wrongly suggested on social media. Her achievement is however commendable and hopefully the government can take note.

5. There were fights at the VIP area
Before the runners got to the finish line, a fight broke out in the VIP area. As journalist were not allowed in, little is known about what happened. However it was clear Ambode had a hand in settling the issue.

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