Growing up in Nigeria, one of the few times Peak Milk was mentioned was in the morning during breakfast, when tea would be paired along with bread. Well, that has changed with the arrival of 'Pecadomo.'

All hail the queen! In case you're just hearing that, 'Pecadomo' is a creative initiative of using Peak Milk in the preparation of essential meals like rice, pounded yam, fufu, eba, amala, semo, eggs and pap; beyond the conventional bread and tea.

The unique benefit is that consumers don't have to wait till tea time to experience Peak Milk because Pecadomo has helped in situating critical nutrients needed in the body at every culinary touch points. That means your eba, semo or rice could be more nutritious than ever! Wow!!!

However, pecadomo comes with an extra advantage. It empowers individuals to become their own chef! This hence inspired Peak Milk to launch the 'Chef In you contest' which challenges individuals to showcase their culinary side and stand the chance of winning fanciful prizes, ranging from cash to branded paraphernalia.

Participation is simple; just record a one (1) minute video showing you cooking one of your mother's special recipes using Peak Milk Powder in the cooking process. Optionally, the video should show you eating with your mum, and talking about your relationship. Upload the video on the Peak Milk page on Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #ChefInYou Contest and tag @PeakMilk (@peak_milk for Instagram. Kindly note that multiple entries are not allowed as either of the same or different Facebook name/Instagram account and would be disqualified if detected.

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