We’re suing Timi Dakolo N100m

IF the threat by Uzoma Day Omenka, the manager of the ‘Rainmaker’ exponent, Majek Fashek, has any substance in it, the soulful singer and ‘Iyawo Mi’ crooner, Timi Dakolo, may be landing in court sooner than he could mix another line for copyright infringement up to the tune of N100m.

Speaking with Vanguard on the phone, the tough-talking manager said they would be suing Timi Dakolo for using Majek’s all time hit, ‘Send down the rain’ without authorization. He said before the end of March after their return from a trip to the United Kingdom, they would file the suit unless Dakolo can provide proof of authorization by any representative of Majek.

“We are not taking this case lightly. We are just awaiting the arrival of our solicitors from the U.S., and the UK then we will hit the courts. For crying out loud, this guy is making money from itunes and he did what he did because he thinks in Nigeria, anything goes. If he can prove as he claimed that he paid for the use of the song and he can show concrete proof of it then he will go free, but if not, we will definitely meet in court.”

When the manager visited Vanguard in January 2017 with Majek Fashek, he expressed his anger with Timi Dakolo’s lack of respect toward the veteran musician, saying, “Timi remixed the song without the knowledge of Majek Fashek, during that period that I was in the US. 
When I came back I heard the song on iTunes where people were downloading it and they were making money, I was surprised.

As a sign of respect he would have come to meet the legend because the song is not an ordinary song. When we asked Timi what happened, he said he spoke with the manager. I was now asking, who is the manager? Am I not the manager and  didn’t he speak with me? People started saying all kinds of things thinking I knew something about the it.”

When Majek himself was asked about the issue he playfully referred us to his manager with a shrug, “Well, I don’t want to talk about young artistes, he is a kid. Let my manager speak on that.”

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