The 9-Year-Old Fashion Designer (Nelson Ashinze)

Nelson Ashinze is a nine-year-old Nigerian designer who is set to take over the world.

His beautiful works have not gone unnoticed just as the Minister of State for Industry Trade and Investment, Mrs Aisha Abubakar has said the Federal Government will support nine-year-old Nelson Ashinze to realise his potential as a designer.

Abubakar made the pledge during the presentation of Ashinze’s brand of designs, Nelson George Clothing, on Monday in Abuja.

We are promoting “Made in Nigeria’’ and this is definitely a made in Nigeria initiative; so we are going to use him as one of our champions for the initiative.

“He is also promoting the cotton, textile and garment industries which again we are promoting, so we have a market for him and we are going to give him all the necessary support that he needs to ensure that he runs a successful business in Nigeria,’’ Abubakar said.

His work:

5 facts about Nelson Ashinze:

  1. Nelson Ashinze founded the Nelson George Clothing at age 8.
  2. He doubles as  designer &  CEO.
  3. Nelson’s company is focused on the use of locally sourced fabrics to produce products which fits western contemporary wears.
  4. Ashinze said he  discovered his talent on bow tie making in school during the craft class.
  5. He has been able to put his craft on runway fashion platform.

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